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Looking Online to Recruit Terrific Employees. Great; In today’s world of technology, businesses small and large get started online.  With online success and growth the large companies rapidly, and often completely, transition into the online world. Some employees are lucky enough to manage their entire careers online from the privacy and comfort of their own homes. But for employers seeking quality staff, where and how can an online business find these virtual employees, and how can online employees benefit your business?

How Hiring Online Can Benefit the Employee

Freelancers and employees who are able to build their own career online can benefit in many ways from an online business.  One of the first and most obvious is the amount of money which they can save by working at home. There is no need for a business wardrobe, no wear and tear on the car, no transits, no fuel costs, no babysitter, and no need for lunch money.  Working online is obviously beneficial to the employee, but how does it benefit the entrepreneur and small business owner to hire online?

How Hiring Online Can Benefit the Employer

Almost anyone knows that a satisfied and content worker will produce more work of a higher quality. When an employee can work from home, save money, work at their own pace and on their own schedule, they are more likely to do a terrific job for your company. They are not stuck to being productive only between 9 and 5, but can work anytime that they feel creative. You also save on office space, and the employee buys their own office equipment.

Where Can You Find Online Employees?

There are many places online to find potentially terrific virtual employees. Social networking has taken over the internet, and with it comes one source of locating online workers. LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter are great examples of such sites. By watching a potential employee’s Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn profiles, an entrepreneur can get a glimpse of their work as well as their personalities.

There are also sites which are exclusively dedicated to helping online employees or freelances match with the entrepreneurs and small businesses which are looking for them. JawnJawn is such an online site —dedicated to job sourcing. Visit JawnJawn at

  JawnJawn enables prospective employers to view applicants’ profiles which are much like resumes. They feature the work history, pay rate, and a type of ratings system on past work where the performance of each potential future employee can be viewed. By simply checking out the indiciduals’ profile, checking their work history and reading the comments left by former employees, you can find someone who is perfect for you and your business!

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